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There is a website called Dinar Recaps that aggregates news about the dinar from a range of sources, including legitimate forex experts and financial news organizations. Updates are provided on the Iraqi economy and the value of the Iraqi dinar on the world stock market. A team of bloggers updates the Dinar Recaps blog regularly, mostly by posting articles from financial experts.


The Dinar Recaps only include information from public forums and chat rooms that are freely posted by others, as well as information that is supplied to them for their Twitter followers and those who subscribe to their Recap Email List. Whether you are new to the Iraqi Dinar investment, or a seasoned pro, you probably already know there are plenty of Dinar forums, chat rooms, and conference calls online. You can get more information by visiting www.dinarrecaps.com.



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Tweets from members of the Dinar community, who post daily and hourly, allow them to communicate within minutes. There is a section of the Dinar Recaps Blog where they post questions occasionally, and readers answer the questions by sharing their own perspectives. It’s a really interactive section where everyone learns from each other. A member of the Dinar Recap Team scrutinizes every answer to make sure it is suitable for public consumption.

Dinar Recaps Email Signup & Schedule

Those who cannot or do not want to receive all of their text messages on their cell phones can get a free Daily Recap Email in addition to following them on Twitter. Their Tweets and Blog posts from the previous 24 hours are emailed to them twice or three times daily.

  • They send out three emails a day from Monday to Thursday, at 10 AM, 6 PM, and 10 PM.
  • In contrast to Friday, only two emails are sent at 10 AM and 6 PM.
  • The email is sent during the weekend at 11 AM and 6 PM.

Changes to the schedule may occur at any time. There may be times when an email is sent too early, too late, or even canceled without warning. Despite the fact that Dinar Recaps gather additional posts to include, it is not uncommon for email newsletters to be sent up to an hour late.

Your mobile device can be used to join the main list by sending DINAR to 22828. You will receive a text back with your phone number, so please reply with your email address. You can stop receiving marketing emails from a sender using their platform or change your expressed interests at any time. By clicking the unsubscribe link, you can stop receiving marketing emails from Dinar Recaps.

Twitter Signup Guide for Dinar Recaps

Dinar Recaps does not have access to your personal information or phone number when you follow them on Twitter. Since they are Dinar addicts, they are constantly searching for interesting news and quotes to share with their followers. It is typical for the Twitter account not to send tweets between midnight (ET), and 10 am (ET).

Following Dinar Recaps on Twitter in two different ways will keep you updated on the latest Dinar currency news. You can also follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Dinarrecpas. You should enter your mobile phone number under Settings/Mobile when joining online so that you can follow Dinar Recaps Tweets.


  • In the upper right corner of your Twitter account page, click Settings under your name.
  • On the Settings page, you will find the Mobile tab.
  • Text-enabled phone numbers should be entered here.
  • Send the text “ON DINARRECAPS” (without quotes) to 40404.

It is also possible to join from your phone directly. In the United States, you can follow Dinar Recaps by texting “FOLLOW DINARRECAPS” to 40404.

  • The word “SIGNUP” will appear in a text message from Twitter.
  • If you already have a Twitter username, reply back with it the next time you receive a text message.
  • If you do not already have a Twitter username, you will need to choose one (maximum of 15 characters, no spaces). The username will be the text response to the second message you receive from Twitter.
  • When your username is accepted by Twitter, you will receive a text message.
  • Text “OFF @DINARRECAPS” to 40404 (you can reactivate the service at any time by sending “ON DINARRECAPS”).

Any relevant information will be posted on the Dinar Recaps blog and not tweeted late at night or early in the morning. If they feel their Twitter followers are interested in reading a particularly groundbreaking message, they will usually Tweet it.

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About DinarRecaps.com

The majority of the information provided by DinarRecaps.com comes from various dinar gurus and dinar detectives who post in various forums and hold regular conference calls. Due to the fact that these gurus usually do not have someone to translate their conference calls in their entirety, Dinar Recaps post excerpts and recaps of their calls instead.

In addition to participating in all Dinar forums, Dinar Recaps have known and followed some of the Dinar Gurus for several years now. Big Bird and Dinarstars both moderated two Dinar forums before starting Dinar Recaps, Neno’s, and the now-closed Dinaraholics chat room and forum. Iraqi Dinar Recaps provides conference call bridges to the Dinar community for calls from various websites and phone numbers in the past.


Dinar Recaps often posts both chat transcripts and transcriptions of full conference calls, both of which are extremely useful to many people. It works because most of us do not want to commit to listening to a two-hour conference call three times a week just to learn a few tidbits. Reading an excerpt from a call lets us know what to expect.

Dinar Recaps has its own email lists, phone chains, and private chat room for when there is good news about Dinar Detectives or news that we would like to share. Having people in the Dinar Community who are willing to share all the information is very helpful. Dinar Recaps was created for the purpose of sharing Dinar rumors and news as fast as possible so that others could benefit from them as well.

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